Armi Legge @armilegge

Armi Legge

My name is Armi Legge.

I am a writer, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant.

Right now, I’m working on three main projects:

1. I am the founder and editor of Evidence Magazine, a website that helps people automate their health and fitness so they can move on with their lives.

2. I’m a marketing consultant, mostly to startups in Austin, Texas.

3. I’m the cofounder, cohost, and chief marketing nerd a the A Real Model podcast.

I’ve been writing and marketing professionally since I was 15, after dropping out of high school in 2010 to accept a new job offer. In less than a year, as part of a three person team, I helped grow revenue to over $1 million dollars almost from scratch. I’m currently advising three different companies, but you’re always welcome to ask if I have space for more clients.

I love riding my bike, hiking, cooking, traveling, listening to music, shooting guns, and pulling weird/borderline illegal pranks.

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